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With the rapid development of global automobile industry and the increasing innovation of engine technology, consumers not only have higher requirements for product quality, but also pay more attention to the use of accessories to reduce energy consumption, shorten maintenance time and improve work efficiency. Hangnei Engine has been unremittingly committed to improving product quality and product categories, and reducing energy consumption. In the cause of protecting the environment, it continues to work hard with the concept of pursuing top technology and providing customers with the highest quality engine products.

What can we provide to customers?

1)We are the engine product experts, with professional technical support and industry knowledge to help you solve various engine problems and help your business develop rapidly.

2)We have been deeply involved in the engine industry for 30 years, are familiar with the engine and engine parts supply market, have a complete and high-quality engine spare parts supply chain. Therefore, in addition to producing good quality engine long blocks product, we can also provide you with a full set of high quality engine parts.

3)We do not sell low-quality products. This is not only our product market position, but also the survival and development of our brand. We firmly believe that high-quality and low-cost products will win us the recognition of global customers and have long-term cooperation with us.

4)We have stable production capacity and inventory. Our engine spare parts products maintain a stable inventory throughout the year, with a rich product variety, which not only guarantees the use of engines assembled in our workshop, but also can supply customers to purchase spare parts in time. Therefore, we ship quickly and can help customers improve procurement efficiency and reduce procurement costs.

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As the core precision part of the auto engine, the bare engine is different from the integrity of the engine assembly. Before installation and use, please pay attention to the following items:

1.Clean the fuel system and air intake system;

2.Replace the oil filter element, diesel filter element and air filter element;

3.Replace the oil cooler assembly;

4.Adjust the timing, check the oil pump nozzle;

5.Speeding and overloading are strictly prohibited within 3000 kilometers;

6.Idle running-in is strictly prohibited;

7.It is recommended to run in at low temperature (remove the thermostat);

8.Add oil and antifreeze in accordance with regulations;

9.It is strictly forbidden to use different models of engine long block instead.

Failure analysis and treatment

In addition to the quality of the product itself, engine failure is also closely related to the correct use and maintenance of the car owner. The following is a detailed description of common engine faults, fault causes and troubleshooting methods.

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